Helping you build the non-negotiable foundations that have the most significant impacts on your health. 

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Discover the 5 Functional Foundations of colorful nutrition, joyful movement, restful sleep, stress resilience, and gentle detox

From the comfort of your own home, our Functional Foundations Course will help you: 

  • Resolve your nagging symptoms that haven’t gotten despite medications that you have been on for the past decade
  • Understand the relationship between color and how to lower inflammation and chronic pain with food
  • Create a sleep routine that is so restful, you will feel ready to jump out of bed instead of hitting snooze
  • Dive deeper into why your still wired and stressed so you can become resilient and flourish
  • Discover how to lower your toxic burden in a overly toxic world so you can reverse fatigue 
  • Find joyful movement routines that fill up your cup rather than drain it so you can learn to love exercise again!

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Uplevel Your Nutrition

Learn how to balance your meals with an anti-inflammatory plate that helps stabilize blood sugar levels. 

You take home easy to implement tips and be prepared to bypass fad diets of the future - all without having to track calories or step on a scale.

Module 2: Joyful Movement

Learn how to create a daily movement plan that is effective, sustainable, and most importantly, ENJOYABLE.

Module 3: Quality Sleep

Learn how to significantly increase the quality of your sleep without a whoop tracker or other fancy tech. 

We will dive into how your current environment is disrupting your natural sleep rhythms and how lack of quality sleep is impacting your health. 

Module 4: Stress Resiliency

Learn how to become your most resilient self, by lowering both mental and physical stress. 

The impact of chronic stress creates a breeding ground for disease. Become aware of how your breath can push you towards better health. 

Module 5: Gentle Daily Detox

Learn how to reduce your exposures to environmental toxins and support your natural detox pathways to optimize your health. 

What if we told you 

the best thing you can do for your health is to build a solid foundation?

This course covers what will actually help you build a better path to health and longevity.

In healthcare, we are often given short-term, band-aid fixes that cover our symptoms without dealing with the actual root cause of our illnesses. 

Deep down many of us suspect the endless prescriptions and meds are only prolonging our suffering, keeping us on a conveyor belt of tests, doctors appointments, and hospital visits. 

If you feel ignored and ghosted by the healthcare system, desperate to find a new way to address your health, then this course is for you. 

This is the simple roadmap for wellbeing I wish I had before becoming a health expert. Everything you need to know in order to step away from the next health fads and build a foundation to health, that will be applicable for the rest of your health span, is included in this 5 module course.

Your wellbeing BEFORE the Functional Foundations Course:

  • Confused about what health changes actually improve your health
  • Random symptoms that leave you depressed and hopeless your quality of life will never recover.
  • Eating meals that leave you unsatisfied, hungry, and inflamed.  
  • Fatigued after 10 hours of sleep and still requiring periodic naps throughout the day
  • Slowed down by painful stiff joints and weak muscles
  • Frazzled by endless to-do’s and feeling unsatisfied at the end of a long day

Your wellbeing AFTER the Functional Foundations Course:

  • Finally understands how to take care of your unique body and have the confidence to move forward on your health journey.
  • Knows how create an abundance of balanced, easy, and satisfying meals.
  • Feeling refreshed and hopping out of bed without an alarm. 
  • No more random symptoms interfering with your day.
  • Moving through your day with joy because you have built a routine that you love. 
  • Being confident in your physical strength and resistance to disease. 

Introducing the...

 Helping you build the non-negotiable foundations that have the most significant impacts on your health. 



Your time is the ONLY investment required. Otherwise the course is currently 100% free. 

  • Unlimited access
  • 5 short modules, so you can focus on making your foundational lifestyle changes
  • 5 lifestyle challenges that will help make these foundations stick for good. 
  • 1 Medical Symptom Questionnaire that will help organize what areas of your health you need to focus on FIRST
  • 1 Toxin Questionnaire to screen for contaminates that could be severely impacting your health 
  • 1 complementary 15-minute discovery call to discuss how we can further support you
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Meet the Creator


Hi, I'm Mollie Ferguson

Functional Medicine Expert / Health Consultant

I have supported hundreds of clients to heal from their own unique health struggles and stubborn symptoms. A pattern and realization emerged: with every single client, they must work on the foundations to health FIRST or they would never be able to sustain their health achievements long-term. I wanted to make the information and practical tips I give in my 1:1 consultation session available for all, so I created the Functional Foundations Course!

Here is a bit about my personal health journey: I was always physically active in high school by participating in soccer, but my passion for fitness was not sparked until I walked into my first CrossFit gym. I witnessed for the first time the true power of functional fitness across all age spans and fitness levels.

In the midst of finding my life's purpose, I was silently suffering from painful gut symptoms that were impairing my quality of life. A couple of years later, severe anxiety and depressed mood set in. Another year after that, rapid unintentional weight gain occurred even though my diet was "clean" and I was doing HIIT workouts 5 times per week. 

I saw several doctors throughout these years, telling each of them how awful I felt. I stopped working out altogether. All I could manage to do was go to my college classes, come back home, and collapse on my couch. Various conventional medicine doctors told me my "labs were fine." I almost dropped out of college because I had no answers. I decided to rally and complete school so I could figure out how to heal myself. 

Finally, with the help of functional medicine practitioners, I found answers. While I am still in the process of healing, I can finally train again, laugh with my partner, travel on the weekends, and play with my dogs after work. I feel more and more like myself every day!

I am honored to be your Kumu (teacher), support system, and friend.

Mahalo (thank you) for being a part of this community. Aloha!